Former Obama Speechwriter Joins Funny or Die

Politicians beware.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAaCAAAAJGU2ODk1N2JlLTY5ZjEtNDBkNC1hNjVmLTQ3MWIzZjU0MGIyNQDavid Litt, who previously served as President Obama’s senior presidential speech writer, has joined Funny or Die. The New York Times reports that Litt served as the lead joke writer for the past four Correspondents’ Association dinners.

At Funny or Die—which was founded by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell—Litt will serve as head writer and producer.

“He’s [Blitt] funny, clearly much smarter than all of us, and bears a striking resemblance to ‘Tommy Boy’-era David Spade, which means a lot,” Mike Farah, Funny or Die’s president of production, told the Times.