Former LA Times Reporters Launch New Investigative Non-Profit

Add another nonprofit journalism startup to the tally: FairWarning, a consumer advocacy – focused project by former Los Angeles Times investigator Myron Levin, debuted today.

Levin explained FairWarning’s mission to Nieman Journalism Lab:

“These stories are a little bit technical; to some people they’re a little bit boring. They’re not sexy, usually.” What they are, though, is important. FairWarning’s name, Levin told me, is meant to evoke “the shared responsibility between consumers and businesses” when it comes to health and safety. And its goal, he says, is “to provide a flow for this kind of news and information, and to see it reach a wider audience.”

FairWarning also employs former LA Times reporter Joanna Lin and several journalism graduate students: Bridget Huber and Jill Replogle from Berkeley and Matthew Richmond from the University of Southern California.