Former Hollywood Reporter Music Editor Jeffrey Jolson-Colburn Has Died

Entertainment journalist Jeffrey Jolson-Colburn passed away on June 23 at his Los Angeles home. News of his death broke on Hollywood Today, a website founded by Jolson-Colburn in 2006. The cause of death has not been reported. He was in his mid-fifties.

Jolson-Colburn had a long reporting career in Hollywood. He covered the music industry for The Hollywood Reporter from the late ’80s to the mid ’90s. According to THR, he also worked as a writer and editor at Grammy Magazine, Woodstock and E! Online. He founded the short-lived ROCK Magazine in the mid ’80s, described to us by a former intern of the publication as, “a lot like Creem magazine, but without the rabid following.”

The deceased’s sister, Nadine Jolson, announced on Hollywood Today that a memorial service is being planned for July 7th, with more information to come.