Former FishbowlDC Editor is Dead to Us

Garrett Graff, who likes to say he’s the “founding” editor of FishbowlDC, tells us he doesn’t read this site anymore. He let me know in an email Thursday regarding a post I did about about freelancer Tom Barlett who wrote a feature for Washingtonian. Graff is editor of the magazine.

He wasn’t kidding about not reading FBDC. He thought I’d written a post about the Washingtonian having “lost” Bartlett’s contact information. I never wrote that, though I did write that “it seems” the publication lost Bartlett’s information. (Memo to Graff: When writing to complain to a writer about a post you might want to read the post in question.) In fact, I had a perfectly lovely conversation with a female employee at Washingtonian. She said she couldn’t give me Bartlett’s email address when I called but said she’d send it to me when and if she found it.

Graff took issue with that bit and told me I’d been instructed to email the magazine and then they’d email me back. Being that it wasn’t Graff I spoke to when hunting down Bartlett’s email address, and since he doesn’t read FishbowlDC, how does he know about any of this?

We’ve got a cold case on our hands.

On a side note, Graff doesn’t watch TMZ‘s TV show either. He said as much while attending the recent event with TMZ founder Harvey Levin at the National Press Club. Tactfully he said it out of earshot of Levin.