Former Engadget Editor’s New Site Almost Has More Writers Than Engadget

When Engadget editor Joshua Topolsky resigned in March to start a competing gadget site, he took eight Engadget writers with him.

Now, Kara Swisher reports, Topolsky has hired at least three more Engadget writers and two editors from other AOL tech properties. He may even grab two more employees, Swisher says, but those hires aren’t yet confirmed.

The site now has sixteen writers, compared with Engadget’s 24.

Engadget countered by saying that it has been hiring so aggressively in the past six months that the defections don’t really matter. Among the new Engadget hires: Dana Wollman, Brian Heater, Myriam Joire, Zach Honig, Joe Pollicino, Richard Lawler, Michael Gorman, Sean Buckley, Joseph Volpe, Brad Molen, Terrence O’Brien, Amar Toor and Sharif Skar.

Topolsky’s project, part of the sports startup SB Nation, is currently operating at, as in, “This is my next laptop” or “this is my next smartphone.” The full site, whatever it may be, launches in the fall.