Forbes to Run Advertiser Blogs Alongside Staff Content

levis dvorkin.png

This was always rumored to be in the works at True/Slant, but now Lewis Dvorkin is finally putting it into effect at Forbes. Sponsored advertiser blogs will soon run on equal footing with those of staff writers on Forbes’ website.

Advertising Age has the story:

The pitch is this: We’ll sell you a blog, and your content will live alongside that of Forbes’ journalists and bloggers. This isn’t the “sponsored post” of yore; rather, it is giving advocacy groups or corporations such as Ford or Pfizer the same voice and same distribution tools as Forbes staffers, not to mention the Forbes brand….

The product itself is called AdVoice, and the notion is that in a world of social media, corporations have to become participants and, in a sense, their own media companies. Corporations these days also have to face the practical problem of fewer business reporters left to pitch. “There’s fewer ways to get your message out, because there are fewer reporters, and that’s a fact,” [Dvorkin] said.

The question remains as to how the paid blogs will be presented. Will they have a corporate byline, or will individual bloggers be representing the opinion of their company, indistinguishable from any other blogger on the site?

H/T Romenesko