Forbes Ranks The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women

Even though lists like Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women are essentially meaningless, the people included are usually worth noting, so they do serve a little purpose. This latest ranking from Forbes does a good job of picking women with real influence and bringing attention to those that don’t get enough credit.

Take the most powerful woman: Angela Merkel (right), the Chancellor of Germany. Her name might not ring a bell, but it should. There are a few more slightly obscure names in the list and some fairly obvious ones as well (Hillary Clinton checks in at number two).

We know — you want to hear who was the highest ranking New York media woman. We’ll give you one guess. If you’re thinking Sally Jessy Raphael, you’re creative, but wrong. It’s Jill Abramson, the new Executive Editor at The New York Times. She ranks eighth on the list.

Check out a few notable media names from the Most Powerful Women list after the jump.

Oprah Winfrey: 14th
Arianna Huffington: 40th
Christiane Amanpour: 44th
Diane Sawyer: 47th
Helen Boaden: 51st
Ann Curry: 66th
Anna Wintour: 69th
Greta Van Susteren: 75th
Tina Brown: 81st

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