Forbes For Her

Forbes Media announced Tuesday the launch of ForbesWoman– the company calls it a “brand”, we call it a new magazine and website. According to Reuters it’s actually a remake of the publication ForbesLife Executive Woman, though we can’t find that mentioned in the press release anywhere. So what does today’s female executive need from a magazine that she can’t find in the regular Forbes magazine? We checked out the website– and found articles on skincare products, hormone replacement therapy, and high heeled shoes. All important topics, to be sure. And all topics that already receive extensive coverage in the dozen or so women’s magazines lining the checkout stands at supermarkets.
Just the same, it’s a wonderful thing to see a new magazine being launched instead of shut down. The first issue won’t be out till May 11, and for all we know it could be fantastic. So we’re going reserve judgment, which is very, very hard for us.