For Your Procuring Pleasure: LA Times Creates Handy Medical Weed Status Chart

Well isn’t this handy. The LA Times just published a huge 369 store database–including names and addresses–of all the medical marijuana dispensaries who were just ordered to close by the LA city attorney’s office, as well as the ones who have applied to stay open under the city’s proposed lottery plan.

The chart itself isn’t all that spectacular, but we’re intrigued nonetheless because it seems like an awful lot of effort was put into creating it, for reasons we can’t quite seem to figure out. Perhaps the Times justifies the graph as a tool for teetotaling homeowners to see if their troublesome neighborhood collective will be shut down in the near future. But it sure looks more to us like a practical guide to scoring city-sanctioned weed in Los Angeles.

Kind of unexpected for the Times. Are things getting a little hipper over there, now that the Zell regime has all but ceded control of the paper? Or, now that the industry is finally on the verge of being legally sanctioned by the city, is this a sign that the Times is starting to angle for medical marijuana advertising bucks?