For Twitter in DC: Bird is the Word

With his new/faux title as CNN Web Surfer corespondent, Chris and the CNN Politics team headed to the Twitter headquarters in DC to "meet the people who put the government on Twitter"

You can always rely on CNN’s Chris Moody for a day-brightening video, and once again, he delivered with a segment this morning entitled “How Twitter Plays Offense in DC.”

With his new/faux title as CNN Web Surfer corespondent, Chris and the CNN Politics team headed to the Twitter headquarters in DC to “meet the people who put the government on Twitter.”

Adam Sharp is one of those people.

Sharp, the former C-SPAN EP who also worked for Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu, has led Twitter’s operation in Washington since it moved from his living room to an office downtown. He took Moody on a tour of their offices, pointing out that every one of their DC conference rooms are named after political bird puns: @lameduck, @bluegoose and @budgethawk. The amount of bird references around the office would be “painful” to count, said Sharp.

He went on to tell Moody that Twitter is a “phenomenal” way for agencies to “demystify” government.

“Do you have a list of what not to do? Worst practices, other than don’t talk to your mistress on Twitter?” asked Moody.

Avoiding comment on the fidelity of politicians, Sharpe explained that “the best members of Congress who use Twitter are the ones who using it themselves and are using it in an authentic way.”

Video courtesy of CNN Digital. Enjoy!