For the Love of Goudy


Yesterday, as our mind wandered from the brown and bubbly mess that emitted from our TiVo, we began to ponder more relevant branding issues. Like what is Washington Mutual thinking? Usually we find WaMu’s break from institutionalized jargon quite refreshing (especially when the letters they send to us for lack of sufficient funds say things like “we understand these things happen”). But a visit to our local branch revealed that they’ve recently chosen to convey these extra-chirpy messages in the typeface pictured above.

What is this monstrosity? Did they accidentally grab the first half of the alphabet from a different foundry? Do the e’s suffer from a growth hormone deficiency? Did pranksters snip the serifs from most of the larger consonants and attach them like spoilers to the unsuspecting vowels?

If anyone out there in UnBeige readerland could help us answer these questions, or at least point us in the direction of some kind of support group, we would be very appreciative. Mostly because it would get our mind off that Gillette Fusion ad.

We’ll be right here.

Update: Leave it up to the fellas at Typophile to solve this crime: it’s the Stephen Farrell-designed Missive. Thanks to all who responded and oh so very quickly!