For Arianna Huffington, Motherhood Trumps Site Sale

ariannaa.jpgWe interviewed the absurdly charismatic Arianna Huffington for a So What Do You Do article running on today. When we asked about the $200 million valuation, Huffington pulled the old busy mother trick.

I really have not looked at all at the value of the site. Because the site is a work in progress, you know, we keep adding features, we keep changing and at the moment I have my hands full with the site and the new book and my oldest daughter is going to college.

Some details about The Huffington Post’s Chicago off-shoot after the jump.

We picked Chicago because we didn’t want to pick New York and LA ’cause it seemed too big, and both my partner and I have a lot of good friends in Chicago. It would be basically the same principle as The Huffington Post, it would just be based on local news and local blogs and people could go to The Huffington Post proper for their national news.

Is there a team based in Chicago?

You know, we don’t really need a team. It’s just one person who will be aggregating blogs and news, and then as we learned at Huffington Post, everybody will be feeding the new baby.