Follow Your Favorite Journalists (Or Competitors) With Newsle

If you’re in the news business, it’s important to stay informed about what your fellow reporters (sometimes known as competitors) are writing and publishing. This can be hard to do if you aren’t scanning different websites constantly or glued to Twitter and Facebook.

Newsle, a relatively new web app, now lets you easily follow specific journalists and filter stories they write into a “Journalist” feed.

The site, which launched in private beta in January, tracks news stories about your friends and colleagues and then sends you an email alert as soon as a new article or post is published.

“Journalists” is the latest category to be added to Newsle. Before, the site had categories for groups like musicians, tech, actors, comedians, and even intellectuals. Issues started to arise, however, when alerts started including articles written by users’ friends or colleagues.

“In our effort to find every mention of your friend in the news, we would sometimes include articles your friend wrote in your feed,” read a Newsle blog post announcing the Journalist category. “For those of you who have a lot of journalist friends, those stories could start to take over your Newsle feed.”

Now stories written by your friends won’t be included in your main newsfeed.

Newsle, founded by two Harvard University undergrads now on leave, operates on the relatively simple premise of providing “news about your people.” Users can import friends from Facebook or LinkedIn and Newsle will track them, sending out an email alert when they’re mentioned in a news article or a blog post online. The site also allows users to follow public figures, such as celebrities or politicians.

The friends and public figures you follow flow into your Newsle newsfeed. The site says “every story in your Newsle newsfeed is a real news article from a newspaper, news website, or blog that mentions or quotes your friend.”

To get started following journalists on Newsle, check out this list of tech writers they have compiled.

Do you have a Newsle profile? What do you think about the service? Would you use it to track other journalists?

Image courtesy of Newsle.