Folio 2006: Drinking and Eating

Folio has now put up the list of winners from last night’s Eddie and Ozzie awards. We’re pleased to see AOPA Pilot atop the list (even if Folio, we think, missed the final “A”), especially since we met the witty and charming managing editor Julie Summers Walker, who grabbed a yamulke someone had lost and proudly displayed it for us. The folks from jewelry mag JCK Luxury (Bacilio Mendez, Carrie Soucy and Todd Gast pictured above) won for typography.


  • Folio 2006: Awards You Can Dance To

    We had some good laughs with Chrissy McBride of the WGA’s Written By, who told us the arcane way of movie credits (“&” is not the same as “and,” and DON’T go confusing “written by” with “screenplay by,” because they’re totally different. We can’t get it straight, but people in Hollywood care mightily). National Geo Adventure‘s Lynne Sanford told us all about the design changes over there — a new art director, a photo director just back from pregnancy leave.

    We worried “corporate comedian” Greg Schwern was going to do some layoff and reorg jokes (not a good thing to do in a room full of magazine middle management).

    shape_cropped.jpg And we learned from Shape editor in chief Valerie Latona that newsstand sales are up something like 15 percent — which may be because they’re now putting celebrities on the cover.

    The Fader folks seemed most enthusiastic of all in the hall, when they picked up their Eddie for Entertainment magazines. We think we heard a few of the noisemakers Folio provided, along with yummy baked goods. We cheered inside for Pam Henderson, who told us all about going from freelance to staff at Farm Journal in Decatur, Il, and how you can live anywhere. Really.

    Congrats to all. See you at the show.