Follow the Bouncing, Annette Bening Ball

Personally, we always thought “Elsewhere” was a better reporting base than Lalaland for Hollywood-Elsewhere gadfly Jeffrey Wells. Since his recent return to New York City, the items on his blog have tended to encompass places, people, articles and events more in line with his in-your-Oscar-balloon-face personality.

Take this November 18th item, which relays a conversation between Wells and a New-York based publicist about the Best Actress Oscar campaign for The Kids Are All Right. It provides fascinating insight into the petty politics and perceptions of a west coast For Your Consideration blast, on behalf of Focus Features.

N.Y.-Based Publicist: Look what they’re doing to Annette Bening! They’re running Julianne Moore for Best Actress right alongside her, and they’re going to cause Annette to lose all over again…

Hollywood Elsewhere: Well, the thinking – and I understand this from a political sense – is that they don’t want to offend or alienate either party. Bening and Moore are equal co-stars, after all, with the same weight and pathos in that film, and so they’re running them as equals.

N.Y.-Based Publicist: Look, do they want to win the Oscar or not? If they don’t make it a pure Annette thing, you watch as [The Black Swan star] Natalie Portman just gets stronger and stronger. And you can feel it out there. It’s happening right now.

The comments to the Wells piece are, per usual, lively, although The Playlist contributor Gabe gets a little off-track in response to another commenter:

What’s misogynist about hating on Bening’s bullshit royalty status? I would ride Beatty’s gnarled c*ck too if it meant a bunch of critical accolades I didn’t deserve. Do I know any women? Get f*cked by a skyscraper, you oversensitive panty sniffer. Good night, and good riddance.