FNC’s Wallace Turns Into Sunday Babysitter

FNC’s Chris Wallace would get eaten for lunch in a pre-school setting. But on his Fox News Sunday panel, he’s got it all under control. Well, mostly.

Wallace, who has a strict, no-interruption rule, often plays the part of school marm as he diplomatically shuts guests up so that others may speak. This past Sunday was more difficult than usual. The panel was: FNC’s Juan Williams, former State Department official Liz Cheney and President of Center for American Progress John Podesta.

Everything came unglued when Cheney said, “This president has added more to the debt than all previous presidents combined.” Williams’ face transformed. His eyes turned into cold slits and his face twisted  into an awful scowl. He turned to Cheney with that scowl and kept asking the same question, each time angrier than the last. “Were we in an economic crisis, Liz, when he came into office? Were we in an economic crisis? Were we in an economic crisis?”

This is when School Marm Wallace began wailing his “waits.”

“Wait..wait wait wait wait wait” he said. He even lightly touched Wallace’s arm by the elbow and scolded, “Juan, Juan, stop it!” He gave the floor to Cheney. “Now ga’ head,” he told her.

Moments later Wallace called for a Zen-like calm. “Wait wait wait, okay, everybody calm?”