FNC’s Chris Wallace is Superstitious About Chicken

Sometimes it pays to be a wife of a big-name journo, especially when you want to sell a cookbook about soup.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Tuesday that Lorraine Wallace, wife of Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, has written Mr. Sunday Soups. Weirdest detail in the interview: Chris Wallace, who wrote the book’s forward, is superstitious about chicken. He only eats it Saturday night prior to his Sunday show. “Seven years ago, when he joined Fox, we started this,” she told the newspaper. “I thought, “I can’t keep roasting a chicken. I have to do something new here.”

Each soup in the book includes a story of how it has been enjoyed by the Wallace family. The Sentinel writes that being married to one of television’s “best-known anchors” naturally zaps the spotlight from her.

But today is her time.

“With the recent publication of her first cookbook, “Mr. Sunday’s Soups” (Wiley, $19.95), it’s her turn to shine, although her soups already have earned accolades from politicians and media personalities (including Karl Rove and Mike Wallace, Chris’ father).”

Mrs. Wallace’s food blog is called Mrs.Sunday.com.

In late December The Marthas Vineyard Times also reported unexpected details on Mr. Sunday Soups

The Marthas Vineyard Times reported on the Wallaces being a blended family — he came to the marriage with four children; she came with two.

Wallace writes a quaint forward: “The times when we really talk — are at the table. For all the Wallaces, meals aren’t just when we eat. It’s where we congregate, catch up, and have our best conversations. It’s where we live the traditions of our family.”

Read the story here.