FNC’s Bret Baier Takes Licking, Keeps on Ticking

FNC anchor Bret Baier has long become among our favorites to watch. He’s like a big boulder barreling through this thing called life. If he’s hurt he doesn’t show it. When he gets beaten down to a pulp, he gets right back up, as if asking for more.

Yesterday was no exception.

“Dude what’s up w your make up?” a follower wrote in, heavily scrutinizing his looks. “You look like a stone painted red. No one can take you seriously.”

Most journalists would either not respond or reply with something along the lines of: “Gee, so and so, go f$%k yourself!” But not Baier. “Must be your TV,” he replied.

Another follower seemed to make up for the aforementioned nastiness. The fan wrote, “I had a dream that I met you at a gas station and you were extremely nice!!” A somewhat incoherent Baier wrote back, “Glad to hear the dream me was nice.”