FNC’s Baier Shares of Son’s Angioplasty

Messages and prayers for FNC anchor Bret Baier came pouring in on Twitter last night after Baier shared news about his son, Paul, who has had serious health problems from birth.

“A little anxious tonight,” he wrote. “My 4 1/2 year old, Paul, goes in for his 5th angioplasty tomorrow. It always puts everything in perspective. He thinks he’s going in to get extra superpowers – and I think he is too ;).”

Journos and political types were among those who sent prayers. Washington Examiner‘s Online Opinion Editor David Freddoso: “Your son’s story would have moved me even before I became a father. As it is, brings tears to my eyes. …Best wishes for your son, I’ll say a few Aves before bed.” The Heritage Foundation’s Rory Cooper wrote simply, “#Pray.”

Kathy MacPherson, a follower from Kalamazoo, Mich. quickly swung into full prayer mode. She wrote, “The Lord will guide the cardiovascular surgeon’s hands.”

Baier later expressed gratitude for his more than 69,000 followers: “Thank you for the prayers and good wishes. He is in great hands at Children’s National Medical Center. And he’s a little fighter – 2 open heart surgeries and 4 angioplasties later – you would never know on the playground.”