Flickr is One (plus 2 days)

Flickr is One (plus 2 days)

glory glory alleluyah;-)! Spin Cycle. orange balls Eclectus Parrot River Wye at Symonds Yat, dusk

Photo sharing site Flickr celebrated its one year anniversary a couple of days ago. Obligatory damp-eyed sentimental post (which I am all for) by founder Stewart Butterfield is on the Flickr Blog. (Incidentally, that is a great use of a blog to communicate to a site’s user base. Everyone on the Flickr team uses it, and aside from being informative, it provides excellent pointers and is fun to read.)

They’ve also relaunched the site itself with a bunch of new features and improvements to their photo pages.

Happy Anniversary Flickr!!

(Photos above courtesy the Catchy Colors group pool on Flickr via Stewart’s Anniversary post.)