Flavorpill Launches Internet TV Show


Event listing website Flavorpill just launched their first internet television series. The show, Out of Town is billed as a ‘hipster travel show’ focusing on small towns across America. The season premiere of the show stars Michelle Collins of Best Week Ever and the whole thing is produced by NYC firm m ss ng p eces (gotta love the hipster cleverness).

In the almost-obligatory style of ’00s corporate sponsorship, boutique hair products firm Urban Experiment is sponsoring the program.

Press release after the jump.

Flavorpill and Urban Experiment launch outoftown.tv. Together, they head out of big cities and into Small Town USA.

Urban folk in 4 major cities get a shot at getting their own webisode series. Winners go on small town reconnaissance with a film crew. And when they get back, all their findings on the art and cultural scenes will be aired on outoftown.tv. A customized Flavorpill base where users can view the Out of Town series, subscribe to a podcast and pass along to friends.

The search for Out of Towners kicked off in NYC, then it went to Chicago. Now it’s in Miami, and next will be LA. Those who enter the race will have to convince Flavorpill to pick them. First thing, the online screening. Creative pic submissions and a writing portion. Finalists from each city will be picked and get pampered screen tests at exclusive Urban Experiment salons. Those who win will move on and get in the series.

NYC and Chicago winners are featured in parts of the series airing now. Viewers can watch a trailer that gives them an overview of everything they did on their reconnaissance. And they can also see additional scenes that each tell their own story.