Flatbush traffic smackdown: Brooklyn street justice

When Fishbowl first heard the news this morning that New York’s own Don Quixote had decked a traffic cop who wouldn’t let him pull his car over for just a second after a traffic accident moments earlier, we sat in a restaurant in the snowbound half of the city and cheered: State Senator Kevin Parker had apparently also crumpled the ticket and thrown it in the officer’s face. You soulless, poorly named Dept. of Finance, take that!
The only newspaper inside Vinny’s Pizzeria was the Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill Courier, which told the story broken several days earlier by the big tabs. Still, for all the talk among larger dailies about wanting to do more “local news” and keeping up “our responsibility to all five boroughs,” this little, poorly edited and still scrappy weekly has consistently covered the ongoing IKEA colonization of Red Hook (hey, it’s right next door). Every week, its sub-staffed reporters come back with the story: Construction code violations, asbestos, the lot. Now all we need is to get Rev. Al to stay the hell out of this story, please. Everything’s fine.