Fixing Up the Hermitage for Modern Day Enjoyment


We’re not entirely sure if this is new news, being that we tracked down back to the OMA site circa 2005, but we try not to question the mighty Dezeen and it’s really interesting and about stuff that will happen many years down the road, so we’re going with it. It’s the plans Rem Koolhaas’ OMA and AMO, the think-tank arm of the architectural firm, have put together in re-building the structure and focus of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. The idea is that the museum is full of old stuff and that doesn’t always appeal to you young punks with your Web 2.0s and your American Idols (or, in this case, Russian Idol). So the think tank is trying to figure out what exactly to do to bring the whole thing up to date. Here’s a little from all the info they provided to Dezeen:

“The project centers on the question of the Hermitage’s current institutional status and the dilemma of its perpetual modernization in the wake of a globalised and technologically-infused age, utilizing the Hermitage as a prototype for ‘the museum of the 21st Century.’

“By devising a curatorial masterplan, AMO aims to revitalize the museum without surrendering the conventional need to preserve its artifacts as well as the integrity of its unequivocal past. As a critical part of AMO’s masterplan, another objective is also to address the Hermitage’s ever-evolving relationship with the city of St. Petersburg.”

We’re guessing that the new news here is that they’re moving forward with the plans, maybe?