Five Ways to Get Your Body Moving Away from Sedentary Work

workout2What do you do for a living? Ah, you sit. That’s right, we sit, too. Unless we’re out and about, chances are most of us sit in front of our desks all. Day. Long.

Well, the studies tell all and experts have said, “Excessive sitting is a lethal activity.” Ouch.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends 147 minutes of motion per week at the bare minimum. Sadly, right now only 20 percent of Americans meet that minimum requirement.

And according to this piece in Fortune, there are a few quick ways to get mobility into your day and ready to go.

1. Take stairs instead of the elevator. Granted, if you’re in a metropolis with buildings of 40 floors and more, you’re going to take that elevator. But, there are ways to get your steps in such as taking the metro.

2. Purposely go to a coffee machine or water cooler that’s far away from your desk. It’s that easy — don’t go for the beverage that’s two feet away from your desk. Be deliberate about your breaks and more importantly, where you go for them.

3. Stand while you’re talking on the phone. Better yet, start walking in place. Trust us — you’ll actually feel better!

4. Meet with colleagues. The piece suggests walking laps around the office with coworkers instead of sitting around a conference table.

We’re having a hard time realistically picturing this in action if there’s a large group so we recommend another option: Taking that meeting outside! Get fresh air. Even if you’re headed to the nearest coffee shop, walking to the car or walking around the block to the nearest cafe will help get some steps in.