Five Ways to Climb the Corporate Ladder, Pronto!

Want to expedite climbing the ol’ corporate ladder? As in onward and upward as soon as possible!

Good, we knew you did. Well, according to a piece published by Forbes there are several ways to accomplish this and they all involve becoming a rock star in your own right. (And by that we mean setting a good example and being the consummate professional.)

1. Think and act a level above your own. If you’ve ever heard the expression to “act as if,” now’s the time to put it into effect. How else can you expect to get ahead if you don’t already know what you should think and act like? Dress like?  

Funny thing is, the more you do it, the more natural it feels. Observe how upper management runs a meeting, how they interact with each other in the elevator and in the lobby and how they think in terms of running their own organization in conjunction with the overall company.

2. Make a plan. And work it! Have you ever gotten into your car to drive to a destination without specific directions? You can guess what happens next, right?

You get lost, miss one little street sign and next thing you know, you’re driving five miles out of your way to scope out the nearest gas station to ask for guidance.

Well, your career isn’t that different. Create a plan and action steps to reach your goal. Even if you have to micromanage it down to the smallest street sign, if you will. It’s okay to get caught up in the details. The alternative is taking an unexpected detour.

3. Network. Network. Network. Network. Network. Is there an echo in here?

4. Work hard. If you want to expedite your career, there aren’t any short cuts in the process. Yes, this means you need to work hard by arriving early, having a can-do attitude, and staying late if that’s what it takes to get the job done. As for the good news? Hard work typically doesn’t go unnoticed.

5. Become a resource. As indicated in the piece, you should have every intention of becoming the go-to guy or gal. Get schooled on your job, the company, other departments and even how to deal with a printer when the toner gets low. Seriously.