Five Ways to Burst Through Fear & Self-Doubt

Succeeding on the job relies heavily on skills but also about the mindset you bring to it. When we read this piece by Grant Cardone on Entrepreneur, we simply had to repost.

The author of The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure seems to hit the nail on the head when he writes, “Fear an self-doubt plague all of us. To the degree you can overcome your insecurities, you will experience freedom to be yourself and reach your full potential…”

Based on his experience of witnessing people who stop themselves before they even get started due to their own self-doubts, he jotted down five ways to power through.

1. Keep in mind it’s normal. In the post he writes, “When you are fearful or insecure, remind yourself that you’re simply feeling what most other people experience. You are probably doing something that is new for you or that you are excited about. Fear is a normal feeling, and I would be more concerned if you didn’t experience it.”

2. Keep busy. Cardone recommends filling your calendar. In fact, the busier he gets, the more confident he feels. His advice? “Never allow too much white space on your calendar and you will not experience fear.” Too much white space creates too much downtime and in turn, thinking which could lead to negative thoughts.

3. Embrace fear. Although some people recognize fear (and even when they don’t recognize it), they run away from it. Actually, Cardone suggests doing the opposite:  “Do what you are scared to do and watch your confidence grow.” Even the late great Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

4. Go beyond your comfort zones. That’s right — stretch yourself beyond the comfort zone into that unknown land of gray. Consider the alternative: If you stay comfy in familiarity, you’re likely to get into a rut and stay there.

5. Take ’10X’ Actions. This means just what you think it does: Operate at 10 times the mojo and moxie of your competitors.  Cardone writes in the piece, “I never use the word “action” in the singular because I have never found one action to be effective enough that it didn’t require a follow up. Multiply whatever you think is required by 10 and become a machine of action. If you do that, I assure you that your fear will subside.”