Five Reasons to Delete Cubicles & Build the Case for Telecommuting

When we read this piece on Forbes, we nodded in agreement.

After all, what could be more comfortable and enticing than working from your home? No commute, no fluorescent lighting, no office distractions.

When it comes to deleting cubicles and working from home, there are a few compelling reasons.

1. A more attractive workplace. In the piece, Chess Media Group conducted a study and realized that 90 percent of workers felt an organization offering flexible work arrangements is more enticing than an organization that doesn’t offer this environment. It seems for companies to be competitive with attracting and keeping talent (ahem, you), they should at least provide the option.

2. Companies save bank. Think about real estate in New York City or Silicon Valley or even a small town nestled in the ‘burbs. Then again, don’t. In addition to their lease, companies spend money on electricity, equipment and supplies and amenities. If a company can slash their expenses by having a telecommuting policy, why wouldn’t they?

3. Employees conserve time, energy and commuting costs. As per the Census Bureau, 600,000 employees travel approximately 90 minutes and 50 miles to work. Yes, this is only one way. Moreover, 10.8 million workers drive an hour each way. That’s 10 to 15 hours a week on a crowded train, bus or in your car! Think about the money you’re saving in addition to time. Let’s not forget about saving the environment from harmful emissions.

4. Got productivity? The piece referenced data compiled by Global Workplace Analytics. Apparently 600 billion (!) dollars are wasted every year on distractions in the office. They concluded telecommuting will potentially boost national productivity rates.

5. Improved quality of life. Going back to previous points like commuting, just think how you could spend the extra dozen or so hours each week! Pursuing a hobby, volunteering or spending time with loved ones. That is all.