Five Absolute Musts to Include on Your Personal Website

work in progressIf you have a personal website, congratulations! You are definitely one step (okay, more like several steps) ahead of other candidates who don’t have one. This can definitely give you an edge when pursuing full-time jobs.

A post on YouTern provides more information about advantages to having a personal site (and seriously, we can’t think of any disadvantages) but what we really want to highlight a few things your site absolutely should include.

1. An about page. Per the post referenced above, this page gives an overview of who you are and it’s similar to a resume if it’s not a copy and pasted resume itself. Time to shine! Include your experience and education and what you’ve accomplished.

2. A portfolio page. Strut your stuff! Showcase projects you’ve worked on, bylines you’ve earned, the works. Include links to articles and projects. If you work in more than one genre, feel free to organize your content appropriately so users can easily click, click, click away.

3. Testimonials. Show recommendations from previous employers, clients and colleagues. As you’re refreshing your site, feel free to leverage the opportunity to refresh your LinkedIn profile as well. Kill two birds with one stone: Ask contacts for recommendations on the social networking site and if it’s okay to use the same testimonial on your site.

4. Contact details. This is a given.

5. Professional headshot. Again, it can be the same one that’s on your LinkedIn profile or it can be different. The point is you should definitely have one so people can put a face to your name.