FishbowlNY’s 2009 Lists: Stories That Captivated NY Media

Here at FishbowlNY, we stick to covering stories that affect the media. But it’s the media’s job to cover the biggest stories in the world today. Here, we take a look back at the news stories that left New York and the world riveted in 2009, covered faithfully by our local newspapers and the other pubs that are based here.

nypost1215 - 2.jpgTiger Woods scandal
The intrigue of this domestic-dispute-turned-sex-scandal started Thanksgiving weekend, and continues today — nearly a month later. Tiger’s escapades provided cover fodder for local tabloid The New York Post for three straight weeks, holding the attention of Post editors even longer than 9/11. And beyond the cover of our local papers and tabloid magazines, Tiger also caused some questions for Golf Digest, which has a close relationship with the golfer and, with some serious bad timing, put him on the January cover with President Obama. Men’s Fitness also got mixed up in the whole mess, reportedly striking a deal with Tiger for a cover story in return for covering up the scandal two years ago.

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timemj.pngMichael Jackson Dies
Perhaps the biggest media story of the year, the untimely and unexpected death of pop legend Michael Jackson put the press into overdrive. Whether it was nonstop coverage across the cable nets or special issues of magazines featuring iconic images of the late star, Jackson made a nation of journalists obsessed with his life and death for almost entire summer.


Bernie Madoff
Recently, while talking to a magazine editor about the biggest stories and most influential people of the year, Bernie Madoff’s name came up. Although the biggest financial swindler of all time’s mug was all over covers of the New York papers and magazines, most notably New York magazine, beyond New York and Palm Beach the Madoff story didn’t really interest too many people, the editor said. Regardless, the scandal rocked New York, from the financial institutions that didn’t see the writing on the wall to the very rich — many of whom lived in the city and its surrounding areas — who lost their savings because of him. Even today, say the name Madoff in a crowded Manhattan room, and you can feel a shudder collectively pass through.

jk2.pngJon and Kate Gosselin Help Revive Tabloid Magazine Sales
This spring and summer, there was no gossip story bigger than just about anything that involved reality television sensations (and excellent procreators) Jon and Kate Gosselin. Us Weekly put the couple of a number of back-to-back covers in April and May, with some selling over a million issues on newsstands. Not bad for an industry that was supposedly being trampled by TMZ and Perez Hilton. One magazine reporter even found herself in the midst of the scandal, when Star‘s Kate Major left her job after being romantically linked to Jon Gosselin.

nyp116.pngMiracle on the Hudson
When a plane crash-landed in the Hudson River, an event that only could have happened in New York City became a national story of courage and bravery. It also was the first time a huge news story started virally, as citizens on the scene sent out the first pictures of the miraculous event via Twitter. .

dailynews1105 - 2.jpgRunners Up: The Presidential Inauguration, The Iran Election and its Fallout (although we know the MSM had trouble covering it) and the Yankees’ World Series win.

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