FishbowlLA would like to know…

ipod.jpgThere’s so much media chatter right now about the success of the Apple/Disney deal to sell video podcasts of Disney/ABC shows online. And yes, a million downloads in 19 days is an impressive number. It seems like a safe assumption that anyone whose technology-comfort and disposable-income levels are high enough to own a video iPod and download any of these shows also owns a DVR for home viewing. Which means, in turn, that most of these download customers are watching the downloads in public or semi-public.

Which is why it’s weird, maybe, that we haven’t seen anyone watching anything on a video iPod ever. Last night, FishbowlLA polled the employees of the Silver Lake Coffee Table– which you’d think might be a video-download-watching center. Do they see any activity? The general consensus was “no, dude.”

So, we turn to you, our readers. Has anyone seen anyone watching a TV show on their iPod yet? Please let us know and supply location and demographic details.