FishbowlLA Editor Interviewed at E&P

Your favorite FishbowlLA editor (just face it) was interviewed in the new/old newspaper trade mag Editor and Publisher.

Rob Tornoe writes:

An irreverent yet unassuming humorist, Tina Dupuy, syndicated by Cagle Cartoons, has been making waves in newspapers across the country since starting her weekly column in 2010. An obsession with famed San Francisco Chronicle satirist Art Hoppe led Dupuy down the path of journalism, and her experience as a stand-up comedian has infused her strong liberal viewpoints with a sharp sense of humor.

What’s the appeal of writing a weekly op-ed column in an age of instant news and analysis?
I think the op-ed page is where discourse still has a chance. It’s not barking heads on TV or snarking heads on blogs. It’s still a place where you have 700 words to make your case about a current issue. Readers who wouldn’t otherwise identify with your political party will still spend the time to hear you out. I get tons of e-mails telling me they like my writing and never agree with me, which makes the op-ed page a place that transcends all the artificial polarization we’re led to believe in.

Read the whole piece here.