FishbowlLA contest: Huffington Post / Defamer party betting pool

As many of you know, this Wednesday, Arianna Huffington will host a party for Gawker Media and Defamer at her modest Brentwood duplex. I hope she splurges for the good nacho dip at Trader Joe’s. Did you get your invitation? Congratulations! You are officially a member of the Los Angeles media congoscenti. Are you coming? Great! See you there! And seriously, don’t bogart the good appetizers because I’m skipping lunch.

FishbowlLA thought it would be fun to host a little Arianna Party Betting Pool. No money is involved, because that wouldn’t be legal. But send in your best guesses as to:

1) Brands of beer served
2) Token celebrity present (sorry, someone already has dibs on John Cusack)
3) Number of restrooms in Arianna’s mansion
4) Shapes of the little hand-soaps in said restrooms
5) Catering-staff-to-guest-ratio

Guess early, often, and creatively! Also, what should I wear?