FishbowlDC Summer Superlatives 2013

Today we roll out the red carpet for our 2013 Class of Summer Superlatives. This is where we momentarily return to high school and place our classmates–our colleagues–into fun loving categories. We are insanely excited to unveil this summer’s superlatives, as there’s never a shortage of high drama among Washington’s press corps.

So here’s what’s going to happen. First and foremost, we need your expertise with the nominees. Tell us where the journalist (or flack) works and why they deserve the superlative. You will have a deadline of Sunday at midnight to send them in to or to All nominations will be anonymous even if it’s obvious or you tell us who you are. They can be as clean or mean as you want — if they’re too mean or X-rated we may not run them on the site, but we’ll certainly have a good laugh at our next FishbowlDC board meeting.

After we’ve gathered the nominees for each category we’ll be back in touch next week and have you vote on the winners one category at a time. Good luck and don’t miss our deadline or we’ll send our extremely intimidating intern (don’t forget, he knows photoshop) out to your newsroom to bug you.

Let the games begin.

1. Biggest self-promoter

2. Worst temper

3. Drama King and Queen

4.  Favorite flack/Most despised flack

5.  Troublemaker

6.  Class clown

7.  Best eyes

8. Sexiest

9.  Most respected journo in Washington

10. Debbie Downer (can be male or female)

11. Favorite pundit to watch on TV

Graphic by Austin Price