Fish Food: Imus In Boston, Times Edition


Delectable bits from around the web:

Don Imus traveled to Boston yesterday for his annual St. Patrick’s Day “Kiss Me I’m Imus” show at the Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common. From The Boston Globe: ”Pulitzer-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin gave back to radio blabber Don Imus as good as she got yesterday. ‘Why do I only get in trouble when I’m on your program?’ … The four-hour show, which usually airs from New York, was hosted by WTKK-FM (96.9) and included local Irish rockers Gobshites and a parade of local politicos and WTKK hosts. John Kerry didn’t fare as well. During a soliloquy about Barack Obama’s virtues, Imus shot the senator down. ‘You’re over-selling the guy,’ Imus said but added that he’s an Obama fan.”

David Leonard of Fortune writes that Arthur Sulzberger Jr. beat back the challenge of the hedge funds because he learned something from his tussle with Morgan Stanley last year. From Fortune: ”Now Sulzberger is wisely casting himself as a conciliator. Instead of ignoring the hedge funds, he agreed to enlarge the company’s 13-member board to make room for two of the candidates proposed by the hedge funds: Scott Galloway and James Kohlberg, co-founder of private equity firm Kohlberg & Company.

”In doing so, the Times chairman may have may have effectively neutralized the dissidents — at least, for a while. The hedge funds can’t complain that he is ignoring them, but they don’t have enough votes to sway the board either.”

(image via George Rizer/Globe Staff)