Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things we Think you Ought to Know…)

Will on the Hill – Monday night was the annual “Will on the Hill” event for the Shakespeare Theatre Company. It’s an annual event that gathers politicians, journalists and other D.C. insiders to put on a performance that pairs elements of Williams Shakespeare with modern-day references.

According to their website, “proceeds from the event support STC’s many education, artistic and community outreach programs including in-school workshops and online learning resources that inspire new and diverse audiences and deepen the connection to classical theatre in learners of all ages.” One of the members of the cast was The Hill’s Managing Editor, Bob Cusack. Cusack tweeted this startling photo of himself moments before taking the stage. Turns out, acting is in Cusack’s blood. He tells FBDC, “It was my first time performing in Will on the Hill and brought back memories of when my parents had an off, off, off Broadway theater company in New York City. Last night I did Shakespeare, but back then it was Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk and Agatha Christie plays.” Aside from Jack, Cusack was an extra “Clear and Present Danger” and “Game Change.”

The Tea Party says farewell to a longtime supporter.

Tea Party Activist Passes AwayChip Gerdes was well-known among the Tea Party crowd. He frequented CPAC and other Tea Party events across the country. The 42-year-old died Monday morning from a heart attack and tributes began spreading throughout the internet. This one from Breitbart seemed to capture his essence. Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak writes that at the funeral of Andrew Breitbart, Gerdes”treated every friend with love and respect. He was there to comfort us at Andrew’s funeral and to help us in the weeks and months that followed.” The tribute was so moving, Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle tweeted that he “almost started crying.”

Politico Wins the Day – By now, you’ve probably read that Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) has undergone lap-band surgery to help him drop some weight. Good for him. The man is morbidly obese and it’s nice that he’s thinking about his future. However, if you ask Politico, he’s not just thinking about getting healthy to spend more time with his children. He has his eyes on 2016. They quickly got this story up Tuesday morning wondering “What Chris Christie’s surgery means for 2016.”