First Look: Zaha Hadid’s Shoes for United Nude

(Courtesy United Nude)

This just in: Zaha Hadid collaborates with Rem Koolhaas! No, not that Rem Koolhaas—his nephew, Rem D. Koolhaas. Also a trained architect, this Koolhaas is the creative director of United Nude, the futuristic shoe company he founded in 2003 with Galahad Clark (of the Clark’s shoemaking Clarks). United Nude’s Möbius strip-inspired heels, angular wedges, and carbon-fiber construction have always had a distinctly Hadidian vibe, and so their latest collaboration seems both entirely appopriate and a long time in coming. Behold the Nova, a striated, cantlivered creation launched this week at L’Eclaireur in Paris.

“Our collaboration with United Nude reinterprets the classic shoe typology,” said Hadid in a statement issued today, “pushing the boundaries of what is possible without compromising integrity.” With a 6.25-inch heel (or heel-shaped void, as they case may be), the shoes are a feat of injection molding, hand molding, and rotation molding. The upper part involves metallic chromed vinyl rubber (in black, rose gold, or silver) and, lest the word vinyl make you twitchy, is lined with luxe nappa leather. Then there’s the hidden platform and heel (fiberglass) and the outsole (rubber again). Ready to buy? United Nude is accepting pre-orders via e-mail, but act fast: only 300 pairs—100 per color—are being made. The bad news: they’re $2,000 a pair. The good news: your Christmas shopping for Daphne Guinness is as good as done.