Firecrackers, BBQ and Journos: 4th Of July At The White House

By now you may have seen the report on Gawker that some of the White House press corps celebrated the 4th of July with President Obama on the South Lawn. Gawker dishes that reporters from NYT, WaPo, Time, Newsweek, ABC, NBC, CBS, Politico and more were invited by the White House, but with certain stipulations…

“You are being invited to attend this event as a guest. Blogging, Twittering or otherwise reporting on this event is not permitted. If you feel that you cannot agree to abide by these ground rules, please don’t claim a ticket.”

The night was technically closed to the press and covered by a pool reporter, Baltimore Sun‘s Paul West. Politico‘s Mike Allen caught some heat for including the pool report in his Playbook, but not mentioning that he was actually there. Gawker heard tickets opened up last minute and the WH staff thought it’d be nice to invite the press corps.

There were about 1,500 people there, including military and veteran families, and the Foo Fighters and Jimmy Fallon performed, before a fireworks show.

So two questions come to mind- is there any problem with this? And would you go if you were an invited member of the WH press corps?

You’re a member of the White House press corps, would you accept the invitation under those stipulations?(poll)

Is there anything wrong with accepting this invitation?(poll)