Finke responds to E&P; E&P responds to Finke’s response

Of course, Nikki Finke has responded to yesterday’s Editor & Publisher piece casting doubt on her claim that movie studios will be reducing newspaper advertising. Her letter can be found at Romenesko; E&P has already run a piece in response. To be fair, the initial E&P piece does seem kind of slap-dash. Although, also, I’m not sure why Finke’s claim that a financial analyst told her that the NYT corporate spokesperson complimented her reporting skills is supposed to cast doubt on whether the same spokesperson also might take issue with a specific point Finke made in the article. Because 1) Why embrace unskeptically anything a corporate PR person says? (Particularly flattery, which spokes-types often employ insincerely for their own purposes.) And 2) Besides, aren’t you allowed to think someone’s a good reporter but still disagree with them on a particular issue?

Anyway, enough already! Either Finke is right or wrong, and we’ll find out soon enough. (For the record, I’m guessing she’s right.)