‘Finding the Future of Public Television’ seminars this weekend

A public service announcement:

If tomorrow’s Yom Kippur services merely whet your appetite for shame, consider spending your weekend being shamed about not watching enough public television at ‘Finding the Future of Public Television’, a conference sponsored by the American Cinema Foundation, in conjunction with the Los Angeles Press Club AND the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It’s an ACF/LAPC/CPB mash-up.

The conference will be held on the AFI campus, and it’s free, and I hear there will be food. FREE food. (What kind? I wasn’t told, but I foresee crackers and cheese and maybe a little two-buck chuck.) Panels include ‘Will You, Won’t You Join the Dance: The Experience of Producing for Public Television,’ and ‘Public Television Confidential: A Look at Basic Premises.’ There will also be a special panel comprised of the nine people in the United States who watch public television. Sorry, no autographs.

Reservations are required- click here for the full schedule and so forth. Also, important FishbowlLA exclusive: Come dressed as your favorite Doctor Who or Monty Python character, and get free food.