Create brilliant multimedia projects from the mundane

For his “Faces of New York” project, Simon Hoegsberg asked random New Yorkers of different ages, races and genders what they thought about their faces. The results are surprisingly introspective. Said one woman:

Essentially I would say I have made a drastic change the last three years. Age caught up with me. Good times caught up with me. Wild parties caught up with me. And what I see now is a truly aging woman. I no longer see the spontaneous, witty, charming… I see an elderly woman. And I find that difficult, but in a way very freeing.

For “The Thought Project,” Hoegsberg stopped 150 strangers on the street over the course of 3 months and asked them what they thinking just before he approached them. The results range from the great mysteries of life to how to score something to eat.

Private and Public is a stunning collection of photographs of passersby taken from the same spot (Marble Arch in London) over the course of a year. The faces are sad, pensive, romantic… and captivating.