Find Your Job On The Web (GET IT?!) | There’s Something About Betty | Anne Rice Vants You To Read Her Vook


The Village Voice: Peter Parker lost his job at the Daily Mail and is looking for a new one on One might say the boy has good sense.

Betty Confidential: Hey, this ladysite beat the likes of and in comScore’s Top 10 Beauty/Fashion/Style category. It touts itself as “Your best friend. Only better.” So your secret girlfriend is a website. That’s fun.

GalleyCat: Anne Rice debuts her first vook (that’s video + book), a multimedia version of “The Master of Rampling Gate.” Now you can be creepy across various media platforms and not just at your monthly LARP gatherings.

The L Magazine: Let’s officially call this the death of the twee mustache trend and make 2010 the year that we collectively become obsessed with beards. Please?

FishbowlLA: Surprise, Daily Beast! Black journalists can and do also win Pulitzers. Seriously, are you guys turning into The New York Times? Should we anticipate a story on “Hey, have you ever noticed that Brown People™ eat good food? My friend also thinks this. It’s probably a trend?”