Financial Crisis Fallout: Possibly One Less Candace Bushnell Movie

Recently, Lifetime Television was adapting a Candace Bushnell novel called Trading Up into a movie. Now that the market has crashed, however, the network is reconsidering.

“Overnight, it was like the script had been written two years ago,” Arturo Interian, Lifetime’s vice president for original movies, told The New York Times. While the movie will likely still be made, the plot will be altered and production may be delayed. (Can you say “silver lining”?)

Elsewhere, other movies based on the Wall Street boom times are feeling the pinch as well.

Production of a sequel to the 1987 flick, Wall Street, has been fast-tracked, while references to the financial crisis are being scrubbed from most TV scripts so the episodes don’t feel dated by the time they air.

(Gossip Girl won’t change a bit, bless its black heart.)

Most want to avoid the crisis entirely, however. “All some studios want to hear about [is fantasy],” Paul Haggis, writer of November’s new Bond flick Quantum of Solace, told the Times.