Filter‘s Cat Power ‘Exclusive’?


We’re big fans of Filter — the L.A.-based music monthly whose editor announced his departure yesterday — because, despite its sunny zip code, it feels like a part of New York. Which is why we were disappointed that it apparently chose to use the recent tour cancellation by Cat Power (a.k.a Chan Marshall, one of our favorite part-time New Yorkers) for undiscosed personal reasons as an opportunity to promote its latest issue as an exclusive.

Marshall has had “undisclosed personal reasons” in the past, not to mention a legendary passive-agressive press aversion and stage fright. Which is also what makes her one of the most fascinating singers around.

Inside Filter Issue #19: Cat Power Exclusive!

THE SOUL OF CAT POWER: A GHOST STORY (p. 52) [EDITOR’S NOTE: Filter’s cover story is the last interview conducted before she recently cancelled her upcoming tour due to undisclosed personal reasons.] Don’t be frightened; it’s just a ghost story.

Why magazine PR reps feel the need to slap “Exclusive” on something that’s merely that way by accident we’ll never know. Plus, how they got one out of a pretty healthy publicity tour for her latest album, The Greatest, is beyond us.


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A PDF of the “exclusive” release is here.