Film Depicting Bush Assassination To Debut At Toronto Film Fest


Via the Toronto Internation Film Festival description:

Directed by: Gabriel Range
Cast: Hend Ayoub, Brian Boland, Becky-Ann Baker, Michael Riley-Burke, M. Neko Parham

Screening Times
Sun Sep 10, 8:30 PM — PARAMOUNT 3
Tue Sep 12, 4:15 PM — PARAMOUNT 3
Fri Sep 15, 7:45 PM — CUMBERLAND 3

Overall Rating: Not yet rated

Synopsis: Set in the near future, at a time when American foreign and domestic policies have further polarized the country’s electorate, Gabriel Range’s feature debut explores the fallout from a horrific attack on the administration. D.O.A.P. is a fictional drama with a unique premise, told in the style of a retrospective documentary, which offers a critique of the contemporary US political landscape.

Programme: Visions
Language: English, Arabic
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 93 minutes

The mockumentary, Death of a President, will be aired on British television next month.


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