Fighting Back the Bad PR With One Local Designer At A Time


And another very Chicago-centric story from the rival paper, the Tribune, “Macy’s Trumps Field’s Local Designer Support.” If you’ve been anywhere within a few hundred miles of Chicago in the past, say, three years, it’s impossible that you didn’t get word of the uproar caused by changing the beloved Marshall Field’s into a regular old Macy’s. Well, now that the transformation is complete, it sounds like they’re trying to counter all the bad press and negative comments about nearly everything they’ve done in the change, by doing things like reaching out into the Chicago area and plucking out fashion designers from their own turf. Here’s some:

The familiar logo may be disappearing, but the New York-based Macy’s will continue Marshall Field’s commitment to the local fashion scene when it officially changes labels Saturday. Macy’s local designer shop, the Designers of Chicago at Macy’s on State Street, will showcase 47 Chicago-based designers and their collections, ranging from handbags to apparel to jewelry.

Yet in keeping with Chicago’s rising fashion profile, there will be some key differences. Macy’s corporate buyers chose more than double the designers (47 compared with 19 last year). Also, the collections will be featured for the entire season, not just for one month as with the former Field’s.