FIFA Offers a Big ‘Hooray!’ for Hollywood

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) may have trouble at World Cups with noisemakers and the occasional shoddy bit of refereeing, but they sure know their way around glitzy west coast promo copy.

Seriously, after reading today’s FIFA dispatch about the two dozen worldwide contestants who’ve arrived in LA to compete in the 2011 Interactive World Cup, we were convinced this is the greatest thing to happen to video game contests, ever. A sample:

Upon their arrival, the surprises came thick and fast for the finalists. After checking into their impressive hotels, they were transported to a luxurious mansion perched on Hollywood hill with the spectacular Los Angeles skyline as a backdrop.

FIFA Partner Adidas greeted the players at the mansion and made sure that all of the competitors are now dressed for success. All of the finalists were kitted out with tracksuits and running shoes as well as personalised playing shirts ahead of Wednesday’s opening stage.

Even though the singular use of “Hollywood hill” is probably a lost-in-translation error, it actually adds to the supremely confident tone of this PR. The FIFA LA contest, co-sponsored by Electronic Arts and Sony PlayStation, runs through Friday.