RIP: Felix Dennis

DennisPublishingLogoIn the U.S., Dennis Publishing’s footprint had been reduced to The Week and Mental Floss. But it is of course for the vertiginous rise of Maxim magazine that the company’s flamboyant chief executive chairman Felix Dennis will be most remembered here.

With news that Dennis passed away over the weekend at age 67 after a long battle with throat cancer, the fond reminiscences are starting to be shared. From a piece by The Guardian‘s David Hepworth:

Although Felix loved the company of journalists and photographers, he never made the mistake of getting hung up on editorial. When Maxim was at its height in the United States, I sat with him while he went through a new issue, purring over every page of advertising, pulling out a gatefold and cackling, “You know how much they paid for that?”

Dennis sold Maxim and most of his other U.S. holdings in 2007. Hepworth suggests that the deal was a perfect example of Dennis understanding that “in the media, it’s always later than you think.”

In a brief post this morning marking the passing of Dennis, The Week deemed him ‘a friend, a mentor and the man whose passion and flair helped make this company what it is today.’ RIP.

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