FBLA’s Top 5 Stories Yesterday – And A Blogger’s Identity Crisis

  • Britney Spears Nude Photos

  • What’s the Matter with Augusta, Kansas?

  • AVN To Consolidate Print Publications

  • Scotty Got An Office Job

  • Computer Glitch Gives LA Times Employees A Scare

    For the third day in a row, a story from two years ago about naked pictures of Britney Spears has been one of the top-viewed on the site — receiving far more hits than our current stories about the goings on in local media. Not that we care. We’re perfectly content producing quality posts for a core group of loyal readers. But let’s just say — hypothetically — that the people who employ us look at things like page hits.

    Are nudie shots of celebrities really what it takes to get the numbers up? Would salacious sentences like “Exclusive Twilight movie preview discovered in Carrie Prejean’s vagina” and “Megan Fox battles Scientology overlords in naked mud wrestling match” really get a bump in the page views? We’ll never know, I suppose. We’ve got too much journalistic integrity.