FBLA Exclusive Interview With ‘Please Rob Me’ Co-Creator

The 22-year-old Frank Groeneveld who co-created Please Rob Me that launched today, sat down with us for some Q&A:

FBLA:Is this vigilantism via algorithm? Do you see it as a prank or a cultural statement?

PRM: At first we thought about it as a prank, but while developing the site we started to realize it really is a big risk (and problem), so it became a cultural statement.

FBLA: Is the goal to hold up a mirror to social media disclosures to prove a point?

PRM: Yes, we want to make people aware that service like Twitter feed your data to the rest of the world also, not just to your followers. Everybody can see your retweeted Foursquare checkins!

FBLA: If Foursquare dies would that be a mission accomplished?

PRM: No, no, that’s not what we want! We love such services, but we want to make sure people only share with their real friends. Our mission is thus to make all those profiles private.

FBLA:So, what does being 15.3cm mean for our ePenis score?

PRM: ePenis is basically a measurement of the people you follow and the people that follow you. If you have a lot of followers, it grows, and if you follow a lot of people, it shrinks.

FBLA: Finally, we like spying on our various editors and knowing when they are at Starbucks, are you trying to take that from us?

PRM: Haha! Thats up to them to decide. If they don’t like you doing that, they should change their privacy settings.

FBLA: Thanks Frank!