FBDC Web Ratings Roundup: National News Sites

We already took a look at the web traffic numbers for DC publications for the month of January. Now we bring you January’s comScore numbers for the top 15 national news websites. A few notes on reading the chart. The list below includes individual websites as well as networks of websites in bold. For example, CNN.com is ranked 7th, while the CNN network, which includes CNN.com, CNNMoney.com, etc, is ranked 2nd. And for some sites, we were unable to obtain the pageview numbers.

Uniques (in millions) Page Views (in millions)
1 Yahoo-ABC News Network 77 2,451
2 CNN Network 65 1,625
3 Yahoo News 63 1,109
4 Huffington Post 61 1,266
5 Gannet Sites 56 1,217
6 NBC News Digital 51 717
7 CNN.com 38 854
USAToday.com 38 654
8 CBS News Sites 33 475
NBCNews.com 33 459
9 Fox News Digital Network 29 846
10 New York Times Digital 28 446
NewYorkTimes.com 28 445
11 FoxNews.com 27 824
12 BuzzFeed.com 26 278
13 Tribune Newspapers 25           n/a
14 MSN News 23           n/a
Mail Online 23           n/a
15 ABCNews.com 18 129
Hearst Newspapers 18           n/a

The takeaways: 1) Yahoo News is pulling all the weight in the ABC-Yahoo relationship when it comes to the web. The Yahoo-ABC network of sites got 77 million unique visitors in January, thanks mostly to news.yahoo.com. ABCNews.com got only 18 million by itself. 2) NBC is the top broadcaster online, with NBCNews.com pulling in more visitors than ABCNews.com and CBSNews.com combined. 3) Fox News visitors read a lot of Fox News! The Fox News Network and the New York Times Network have almost the same unique visitors, but Fox has nearly twice as many pageviews.
(Image via Shutterstock)